Captive Minecraft Survival: Multiplayer, Map, How To Guide

Explore Minecraft captive survival and learn how to play this popular new map! See multiplayer servers, tips & tricks and all the ways to play!

Captive Minecraft World
Captive Minecraft World

What is Minecraft Captive Survival?

In captive survival, you are held captive inside a small 1x1 world border! You must use this 1x1 area by farming the tree and mining to complete advancements and expand your world. Every time you complete an advancement, the world expands!

How To Play

Play in singleplayer by downloading a captive survival map. You can install it into your world saves to start playing. Alternatively, you can play on a multiplayer server and get started in under 30 seconds:

  1. Go to Multiplayer
  2. Direct Connect:

This is the quickest way to start playing! When on a multiplayer server, you can choose to play it solo or team up with a friend to play together. Your world is grief-protected from other players and provides true captive gameplay. However, lots of multiplayer server add new types of features to make the game even more enjoyable!

Captive Minecraft Servers

Minecraft captive servers provide similiar gameplay to what is available from the maps. However, there is no download and it allows you to team up with other players, should you wish to do so! By being on multiplayer, you also get to enjoy the game with added features such as an item shop, new mechanics and the ability to meet and trade with other players!

Minecraft Captive Survival
Minecraft Captive Survival

Captive Minecraft vs Regular Minecraft

In regular Minecraft, you spawn in an open world and you can start exploring. However, captive survival makes the game more challenging by bounding you to a 1x1 area when you start. This twist makes the game popular with a lot of players, as traditional Minecraft can be very easy once you get into it.


Achievements & Expanding World:

In order to expand your world, you need to complete advancements. You can view the advancements tree in the options menu or by pressing L. Complete tasks such as acquiring iron in order to be granted a slightly larger world. As your world gets larger, you will come across new materials which can further help you to unlock new advancements.

Multiplayer Mods:

Multiplayer captive servers add various new mechanics and features to extend gameplay and make it more enjoyable for a longer period of time. Common features include:

  • New Items: Servers with a resource pack add new items, tools and blocks to the game
  • Market: Buy and sell items to get new materials and purchase rare perks
  • Multiplayer: Being on multiplayer, you can trade with other players, take part in an auction house and more
  • PvP: If you want to take a break from your world, you can head into a pvp arena and battle other players for their loot!
  • Events: Join in community events and meet other players who love to play the gamemode!
Captive Minecraft Border
Captive Minecraft Border


There are lots of maps available on the marketplace to play the game, such as Captive Survival. Open the marketplace and search "captive to see all the variants available!

Server IP

Play Minecraft captive servers by using "direct connect" and entering:

Expanded Minecraft Captive World
Expanded Minecraft Captive World

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download captive Minecraft?

Download the map from Minecraft map websites on Java Edition, or by purchasing a Captive Survival map on Bedrock. Alternatively, you can also join a multiplayer server, which involves no download and allows you to get started in a matter of seconds.

How do you expand the world?

Complete advancements to expand your world in minecraft captive games.

What are advancements?

Advancements are a tree of achievements which are included in Minecraft. Press L or open the Minecraft menu to view them.