HermitCraft Server: How To Join Guide

Binging the popular HermitCraft series on YouTube? Looking to find a multiplayer survival server with a great community? You've come to the right place! Read the guide and join a community with similar gameplay to the popular series now.

Join hermitcraft server
Join hermitcraft server

What Is HermitCraft?

It is a popular series on YouTube which has ran successfully for 9 seasons with many huge Minecraft names. These include Grian, BdoubleO, Tango Tea and more. Members play in a multiplayer survival Minecraft world and team up on building projects, games and take part in a let's play series that is enjoyed by millions.

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HermitCraft Multiplayer Servers

If you are looking for hermit craft servers to join with similar features, here are some options:

  • Applecraft - mc.applecraft.org
  • OneBlock MC Survival - play.oneblockmc.com
  • Vulengate - play.vulengate.com

You can protect your land and team up with other players on huge mega builds. Work together to complete quests and challenges.

Take part in community events and projects just like HermitCraft! Enjoy extra features such as new worlds to explore while staying true to the semi-vanilla experience. The Minecraft server networks commonly feature game modes such as Minecraft parkour servers, where you can jump and sprint through a sky full of courses to enjoy with other players.

When Did HermitCraft Start?

The first season of HermitCraft began in April 2012. It is currently in Season 9 in 2022!

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What Is HermitCraft Server IP?

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Go To Multiplayer
  3. Add Server
  4. Add Address
  5. Start Playing

Semi-Vanilla Server Features

While playing on a hermit craft-like Minecraft server, there are many features for you to take advantage of. As you play and level up through the game, you unlock more land to claim and make yours.

Complete quests and challenges to unlock new perks which may not be available in the vanilla version of the game. New tools and items such as auto smelting can help you on the large grind such as carving your own outdoor pool like in the series. See your statistics, level up abilities and take part in building competitions.

Work your way up the leaderboards which rank players in terms of money, skill areas and more. Take on hardened mobs and participate in arena mini games such as king of the hill!

Can You Download The HermitCraft World?

The HermitCraft server and world are private. However, you can download the world from previous seasons. Head to the maps section on https://hermitcraft.com and download your chosen map. See what all the hermits created that season and add-on to it yourself!

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Can Anyone Join HermitCraft?

No. It is a private, invite-only for select YouTubers. However, you can join a public server with similar gameplay. Join the server IP address hermit.mclifesteal.com to start playing! Ensure that you are playing on the latest version of Minecraft for the best experience.

How To Get HermitCraft Season8 World Download?

  1. Go to HermitCraft.com
  2. Head to the Maps section
  3. Scroll to "Vanilla S8"
  4. Download the map on the platform of your choice

Easiest Way To Install The HermitCraft Map

If you have downloaded one of the HermitCraft world maps and want to explore it, here is the easiest way to install it without searching folders or running commands on your computer:

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Resource Packs -> Open Resource Pack Folder
  3. Go To The Saves Folder
  4. Drag 'N Drop The World
  5. Unzip It And Start Playing

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2023