Here's how you can start playing in 30 seconds

Welcome to! Here's how to get started on the Parkour Maps & the Parkour Arena in 30 seconds or less.

How to play Good Parkour
How to play Good Parkour

Welcome to! Your new home for multiplayer parkour with no downloads. Complete the courses and visit the Parkour Arena for intense PvP battles.

Minecraft Java Edition

#1 Load up Minecraft: Java Edition

We're currently playable on the classic version of Minecraft; Java Edition! This is the version of Minecraft which has been around since 2011.

TOP TIP! Make sure you are playing on the latest version of the game.

Minecraft Multiplayer Servers

#2 Go to Multiplayer

One of the top benefits of the server is that there are no map downloads! Head to the Multiplayer part of Minecraft and accept the prompts.

#3 Add the Parkour Server

To start playing, add the following server IP:

  • Server Name: Good Parkour
  • Server Address:

Click Add Server to head to the next screen.

#4 Start Playing Good Parkour

Boom! 💥 Your server list will be updated.

Click to start playing!

Troubleshooting & FAQs

Which Version Is The Server?

  • is always running on the latest version. This is currently version 1.17.

What Maps And Features Are There?

  • Learn more about our server here.

Are There Rules?

  • Yes. By playing, you agree to the rules. Run /rules in-game to have a read.

How Many Maps Are There?

  • Over 100! They range from Easy to Hard and we regular add new ones.

What Is The Parkour Arena?

  • Parkour meets PvP! Head into the arena and battle against all other players whilst jumping to safety. Take on a range of different players, jumps, traps and more. It takes fast paced Minecraft PvP to the next level!

Can I Chat With Other Players?

  • Of course! Join our Discord community for text & voice chat. It also has the latest news, updates and much more. Run /discord in-game to get your own invite.

How Do I Progress Through The Game?

  • Start by playing the easy parkour maps. Every time you complete a map, you'll receive in-game coins.

What Can I Use Coins For?

  • Coins are used to purchase character upgrades, unlock new maps, participate in events and more. They are the main currency on!

What Are Gems?

  • Gems are the special economy on the server. Unlock exclusive new items and perks which are only available for a limited period. Don't miss out and check them out in-game! Run /gems in-game to see more.

What Is Voting?

  • Help us to provide more updates by growing our server population. Vote every day by running /vote and redeeming rewards from each site. Get special perks which regularly change!

Can I Use Any Other Minecraft Clients?
Minecraft clients which do not change the gameplay are permitted. These include LunarClient & BadlionClient.

Are Minecraft Shaders Allowed?
Yep! Share your favorite screenshots on our Discord! We'd love to see them.

Are Speed Mods Allowed?
No! The only Minecraft mods allowed are ones which don't change the gameplay. These could be OptiFine, Brightness Mods, HUD Mods, etc.

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2021