The ultimate guide to Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock

The Minecraft 1.20 Update makes the SkyBlock map an ever-more exciting gamemode. Learn how to play, multiplayer servers and more in this guide.

SkyBlock Cherry Tree & Sniffer
SkyBlock Cherry Tree & Sniffer

Minecraft SkyBlock

Minecraft SkyBlock takes a traditional Minecraft world and puts it in the sky. Start your Survival journey with a small island and use the generator to expand out. Complete quests and challenges to unlock new items and expand your world. There are no limits to what you can create if you get creative enough!

Sniffer Minecraft Mob
Sniffer Minecraft Mob

The 1.20 Update

The Trails & Tales update, also dubbed the Archeology update, introduces lots of fun new blocks and items to your SkyBlock adventure. New blocks such as suspicious sand and the cherry trees allow for all kinds of new islands to take shape that weren't possible before.

It is common for SkyBlock servers to introduce mobs as pets, so look forward to expanding your island with the new Sniffer mob by your side. Camels can be ridden by two players, so those who are playing in a team have a fun new way to transport your friends around your SkyBlock.

Incorporate a river into your island using water buckets and get around on the new raft item! There are dozens of new items to be unlocked in quests and challenge to enhance your island.

SkyBlock Map Minecraft
SkyBlock Map Minecraft

How To Play SkyBlock

There are two ways to enjoy SkyBlock on the new Minecraft 1.20 version:

  1. Download a SkyBlock Map and launch it on the 1.20 version
  2. Play a Multiplayer Server which allows you to team up with friends and enjoy new features

Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock Servers

Playing on a multiplayer server allows the creator to add lots of fun & exciting features to the map. These include new types of quests, bosses, clans, teams, robots or even new Adventure islands. Because they are multiplayer, it also means that you can team up with friends if you wish!

Server List:

  1. A vanilla-like SkyBlock server which has been around for years and stuck true to its roots.
  2. Hypixel is the biggest SkyBlock server with arguably the most content of any Minecraft server. There are dozens of new areas, dungeons, quests and items.
  3. Manacube offers a good mid-sized SkyBlock network with fun new features such as custom fishing.


  1. Open Minecraft: Java Edition on version 1.20
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Add Server
  4. Add A SkyBlock 1.20 Server Address
  5. Start your adventure!
Bee on Cherry Tree Minecraft
Bee on Cherry Tree Minecraft

Minecraft 1.20 SkyBlock IP Address

The IP address for a 1.20 SkyBlock server is: Join on Minecraft 1.20+ for the best compatibility.

Tips & Tricks

  1. If you are playing multiplayer, follow the quests or challenges which the server provides to progress through the game
  2. Create a Cobblestone generator to get infinite cobblestone
  3. Create an infinite Water Pool with 2x2 water blocks to get infinite water
  4. Expand into the Nether and explore the world to get those items
  5. Unlock 1.20 items by following the quests added in the update
  6. Don't fall off! Add fences, paths and other items to prevent falling out of the sky and dying
  7. Use slab blocks to prevent mob spawning on those blocks
  8. Light up your island with torches or campfires to prevent mob spawning
  9. If you are playing on the server, read the provided Wiki to learn more about unlocking new items such as pets, minions, or even custom enchantments!

What Do Servers Add To SkyBlock?

Servers add the ability to team up with friends and remove the restrictions of a solo map. Join a community of SkyBlock players in a large online world and take part in item trading, building contests or meet other players to build with.

Many servers make the use of a custom resource pack which allows you to unlock new items, battle new kinds of bosses, or travel to new areas which are unlike anywhere else on Minecraft.

Last Updated: July 24, 2023