Why Play Parkour Minecraft Servers In 2022

The maps have been played for years, but there are many new courses to enjoy in 2022. Here's why you should play parkour minecraft servers today!

Ladder Jumps On Parkour Minecraft Servers
Ladder Jumps On Parkour Minecraft Servers

Parkour maps and servers have been played and shared for years. While it has been around for a while, there are always new experiences to try out. Here's why you should play parkour Minecraft servers in 2022. Read the guide and start playing now!

Improve Your Jumping Skills

Getting good at jumping is a key part of the game. It can helpful when playing on Minecraft hardcore servers as you may need to escape battle with pace! Playing the different maps and courses is a great way to become more skilled at getting around the game. There are many different elements to jumping in Minecraft, these include:

  • Ladder jumps
  • Crouching jumps
  • Slime block bounces
  • Jumps up to 4 blocks
  • Cobweb jumps
Cobwebs minecraft parkour jump

New Parkour Maps

If you have played parkour before, it is worth revisiting the game to try out the new maps. There are always new courses being added to the game. With Minecraft adding new blocks such as slime blocks; there may be jumps you have not encountered before. The game features checkpoints so that you can respawn if you fall before reaching the end!

There are new types of maps available with blocks added in the recent Minecraft updates. Jump through Hoglin pits, sprint through the crimson trees and more.

parkour minecraft servers course

Multiplayer With Friends Online

Unlike maps which you download and play, parkour Minecraft servers let you team up and play with others. There are no downloads or installations required and your progress is automatically saved by the server.

Hundreds of players can be on the same server at once, so events and popular maps are often packed with players. It is more much fun than completing the maps by yourself!

Try New Minigames

Some of the best Minecraft parkour servers also add new game modes to parkour. One of these is the Parkour Arena. This is a free-for-all arena, where you can sprint through the skies and battle other players. Choose a kit and head into the arena to begin on the Minecraft server.

It is unlike any other pvp game in Minecraft, because it contains the extra elements that parkour brings. Train your bow on other player's in the sky and watch them fall to the ground. Be victorious over the arena!

jumps on minecraft parkour

Casual Minecraft Gameplay

Unlike persistent gamemodes such as skyblock, you can hop onto the parkour server and play for a short period of time. You can work your way through one of the parkour courses and come back another time to try another. Enjoy the casual experience that parkour provides!

Different Minecraft Community

Each gamemode in Minecraft is known to have a different type of community. Some are younger, some older and some like to talk smack about enemies on the Minecraft rust servers! Like the others, parkour is a diverse community with all kinds of casual players.

Hang out with players and take part in multiplayer events. Sprint through the skies together and make new friends.

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